You’ll Grow Out of It

By Jessi Klein, Narrated by Jessi Klein

I read this as an ebook when it was released over the summer. It was fine. I didn’t like it; I didn’t hate it. Overall, it was a forgettable book.

Fast-forward to the Audie nominations, and word on the street is that this book is more enjoyable on audio as opposed to text. This is not true. I went, in the span of seven hours, from indifference to active dislike.

The essays are not funny. I only laughed out loud twice. I rarely smiled. The strange breathy voice she used while reading did not help. Her narration brought an earnestness to the essays that took away from any humor I may have found. It was as if she was trying to be funny by being serious without overt sarcasm. The overall effect was terrible.

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