Life and Other Near Death Experiences

By Camille Pagan; Narrated by Amy McFadden

I finished this book two days ago and am having trouble writing a review. I can’t find fault with either the story or narration, but I don’t love it either. Or maybe I do. I really can’t decide how much I like it. This is one of my more favorite books of the category, though.

This book stands out because it is a novel. It also stands out because it is humorous, but I never laughed out loud. Libby Miller receives two pieces of very bad news in one day: one about her marriage, the other about her health. She surprises everyone, including her twin brother, with how she reacts to the news. Pagan smartly, indirectly asks you what you would do in this situation.

McFadden’s narration is great. I tend to judge a narrator somewhat on how she deals with the voices of the opposite gender. McFadden carries the male voices admirably. She really brings the characters to life. I love the half sarcastic edge she brings to Libby’s and the gravity she brings to Libby’s husband. Overall, a pick.

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