Life and Other Near Death Experiences

I finished this book two days ago and am having trouble writing a review. I can’t find fault with either the story or narration, but I don’t love it either. Or maybe I do. I really can’t decide how much I like it. This is one of my more favorite books of the category, though.

This book stands out because it is a novel. It also stands out because it is humorous, but I never laughed out loud. (continued by clicking on title)


You’ll Grow Out of It

I read this as an ebook when it was released over the summer. It was fine. I didn’t like it; I didn’t hate it. Overall, it was a forgettable book.

Fast-forward to the Audie nominations, and word on the street is that this book is more enjoyable on audio as opposed to text. This is not true. I went, in the span of seven hours, from indifference to active dislike. (continued by clicking on title)